Getting ready for the Women in Travel Summit! What should you pack?

I was invited to speak at the Women in Travel Summit a while ago, but unfortunately being located in the tropics, facing a 22 hour commute to Chicago and somehow doing it while still working my full time job became an increasingly difficult option. I was bummed that I couldn’t make it, but thought that shouldn’t stop me from trying to participate in it. So I emailed Erica, and decided to come up with a simple fashion guide for those travelling to the summit and share some of my tips and tricks on how to plan the journey.



Step 1: Location, location, location

Many of you may not know this, but I actually lived in Chicago for four years getting my degree from the University of Chicago. Chicago was the second place I lived in after growing up in my home country of Malaysia. Imagine my shock, after living my whole life in the tropics, to actually head halfway around the world to a place that’s cold cold cold! So come prepared!


The average weather for the weekend of 14-16th March should be anywhere between 1 C / 34 F to 7C/ 45F. So come prepared with sweaters and jackets to keep yourself all nestled and warm.



Step 2: What are you going to be doing there?  (Outdoors)

WiTS has arranged for some fun events which include a Chicago chocolate tour, an architecture tour of the city, a tour of “Little India” and a historic bar tour. All of these events are outdoors and involves walking, so please leave your heels at home and best to come prepared in good walking shoes that would also keep you warm. This is of course based on each person’s personal preference, but I’ve always found wearing boots to be a good compromise between the two. If you’re not a fan of wearing long boots by mid March, you could always opt for ankle boots or even some fun sporty wear. Just remember, it may still be cold and wet during this time, so aim for something waterproof.

Bob's Visit 253Chicago in the actual summertime is gorgeous!

Step 3: What about indoors?

There are two to three different events or scenarios to dress for during the summit. Be prepared for fun fun fun! At the opening party on Friday night (which is smart casual dressing).



The overall summit itself is smart casual, so bring clothes you would be comfortable in, and given there would be vendors around, you should bring something that represents your personality as well. You never know, there could be someone there you’ve been dying to work with and you may want to showcase the best of you.

If you’re there only as a curious participant, then bring whatever you like (within reason of course) to help you enjoy the conference.


So with all this in mind, this is what my carry-on bag would look like if I could have made it halfway across the world to this awesome summit.

Glamourous Traveller Goes to WIT Summit

5 items to be checked in, and four to be worn on the plane. Wear your winter jacket and guarantee that you can meet the limits on your carry on luggage whilst still looking chic. Plan well, and you could even have some spare outfits in case you want to stay and take in the rest of Chicago.

To all those attending the summit, have fun! I really wish I could have been there with you, in my first home away from home. Pack in those flats, walk around, and send my love to the Windy City. Maybe next year, we could meet!

Want more details? Haven’t checked out the Women in Travel Summit yet? Drop by for more details!

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